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Personal training and nutritional advice in Colchester

TeamFAF is a Mr & Mrs Business that has been set up in Colchester to support those who simply want to live a healthier and happier lifestyle, achieve weight loss around family life.

Achieveing this is something which we fully understand, as we have 2 kids of our own.

We help train those who want to look at competing on stage in the future, and those looking to live a healthier life.

Whatever your goals and nutritional needs may be we can tailor a plan to guarantee you achieve the results you desire. No ‘generic’ plans or exercise programs as all is individually designed to the person. 

Core services

General Personal Training

We offer generalised personal training sessions in Colchester. These sessions are more generalised, but take elements from our other main services.  Strength & Muscle Building, Weight Loss and Nutrition & Healthy Living.  This service is great for both regular gym-goers and people who have never considered hiring a personal trainer before.

Lean Muscle Building

Our lean muscle building programmes are ideal for those looking to increase their strength and to grow muscle.  We help clients here through a series of weight lifting programmes, accompanied by dietary guidance which is custom-tailored to your own personal needs and requirements.

Weight Loss

Weight loss doesn’t need to be difficult, nor does it have to be miserable. It does require a level of dedication however. Going it alone and not having a helping hand to guide you can make a world of difference. With this service, we reguarly monitor your progress and provide guidence both inside the gym, and out.

Sports Specific Training

Our sports specific training and nutrition programmes are ideal for those looking to take their game to the next level. We’ve worked with clients who have performed in several types of sports. Our programmes are focused and designed in order to benefit our clients and enhance their abilities in their respective sport.

Strength programming

A Strength programming and nutrition package from TeamFAF is designed for those who feel that their strength is the weak point of their physical ability or if you would like to compete at a competitive level in either powerlifting or weightlifting. We use our vast knowledge, experience and qualifications to ensure our strength increases week by week

Competition Preparation 

Our competition preparation plans are designed for those who wish to step on stage and take their physiques to that next level using researched methods in both nutrition and exercise selection with proven results by existing clients. We use our experience and qualifications to get you in the best condition of your life to ensure we bring the best package we can.

Life Coaching

Our life coaching plans are designed to enable you as a person to talk/discuss with a qualified individual, ways of achieving goals using researches and tested methods to ensuring success, whether it be in the fitness and health aspect of your life or even personal or business aspects of every day life. 

Covid-19 Offers

Covid-19 has effected us all in one way or another.  From our personal to our professional lives, everyone has had to endure changes imposed on their lifestyle. We decided the right thing to do would be to offer a discount on some of our plans, and help ease the burden.

Start your journey today

Never had a personal trainer before, or considering a change? Contact us today for a free 30 minute, non-obligatory consultation on how TeamFAF can help you make the positive changes you are looking for.

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